Harmonization method of MRI in the BMB

Recent MRI studies have focused on large cohorts. The characteristics of brain function, structure, and connectivity, as well as individual and neuropsychiatric differences, are being studied. Therefore, it is necessary to collect MRI data in many institutions and regions. However, MRI data is said to contain systematic errors depending on the device and method of imaging. In order to promote research using MRI among multiple institutions, the BMB-HBM MRI working group is developing an analysis method to harmonize and standardize data of each institution by removing system-specific errors from MRI data. This method is expected to enable accurate characterization of individual differences and diseases in the future.
Harmonization method of MRI in the BMB
・Standardization and harmonization of MRI protocols
・Standardization of the pretreatment analysis method
・Traveling subject method
・Statistical modeling
Koike S. et al., Brain/MINDS beyond human brain MRI project: A protocol for multi-level harmonization across brain disorders throughout the lifespan. Neuroimage Clin. 2021 Mar 16;102600.
doi: 10.1016/j.nicl.2021.102600

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