Requirements for Participation of Research Institutions

In order to participate in this project as a research institution we envisage two types of joint research. One is the institution (A) that acquires MRI data shared by the Brain/MINDS Beyond. The other is a institution (B) that supports technology for developing MRI protocols for the Brain/MINDS Beyond. The requirements for participation are as follows.

A. Participation as a institution for acquiring MRI data

・Have a Siemens 3 Tesla MRI (Prisma, Prisma fit, Skyra, Skyra fit, Trio A Tim, Verio Dot, Verio).
・Have a 32 ch head receiving coil.
・Multiband EPI sequences from the University of Minnesota must be installed on MRI.
 For more information, please contact Siemens Healthcare K.K. (Mr. Murata).
・At least 22 minutes of measurement time should be allowed for each subject.
・The written informed consent for the subject to participate in the study should include the following:
  1. The MRI data of the subject is provided to the Brain/MINDS Beyond database (including on the cloud) and made public.
  2. After the data is anonymously processed so that individuals cannot be identified, it is used as a freely viewable data resource (including in the cloud) for research purposes in collaborative research institutes.
  3. When data is shared, it is temporarily stored in the cloud.
  4. After the database is opened to the public, it will be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. In the MRI data, face information is deleted (within the range that does not interfere with the analysis in the MRI preprocessing process), so that the individual is identified.
  5. The data provided may be analyzed together with MRI data of non-human primate animals for basic research. Intellectual property rights belong to research institutions and researchers, not to research subjects.
   In addition, you will need:
・Both existing and new protocols can be imaged
・To be able to retain the necessary subjects (traveling subjects)

B. Construction of HARP (Multimodel Harmonized MRI Imaging Protocol)

We are recruiting institutes to collaborate in the development of each HARP applied to the new Siemens, GE, Philips, Canon, Hitachi and other MRIs.